In order to accommodate the needs of emergency services with respect to the suppression of hybrid and electric vehicle fires, our company has developed a new model of the electric and hybrid vehicle fire training unit. Having analysed potentially hazardous spots of an electric or hybrid vehicle from the perspective of emergency services, we have created the concept of a vehicle training unit, to compete with products currently available on the market.

The burning of the vehicle is controlled by the control panel equipped with LPG containers, or using a remote control unit.

Depending on the training exercise scenario, the vehicle training unit may be used as an electric, a hybrid or an LPG vehicle, adhering to all key components from the perspective of the rescue action.


mobile device

simulation of actual phenomena occurring during traffic accidents

can function as garage/ workshop equipment

repeatable training scenarios

training of technical, fire-fighting, chemical and environmental emergency activities

The structure of the vehicle allows

its repeated use for training

also when lying on its side or flipped over

the use of diverse methods of freeing trapped persons

using hydraulic emergency equipment

simulations of vehicle fires

at four spots (engine, cockpit, gas system and Li-Ion batteries)

simulation of a fuel spill

from the fuel tank

simulation of a gas leak

from the vehicle gas system