Chemical rescue stations are constituent components of industrial systems, pipelines, including any installed industrial equipment, e. g. various kinds of valves, flange connections, welded and riveted joints, reactors or tanks. This allows the simulation of leaks of hazardous liquids at various heights through emergency openings of diverse shapes or with various intensities. The system structure allows the control of emergency scenarios and their selection depending on training objectives. The working medium of the system, for reasons of safety, is water, the pressure of which is produced by a compressor and pressure tank.
The offered stations constitute the equipment of multi-module and modular training stations. They allow the execution of training of rescue teams in three scenario options: industrial system emergencies or during accidents at chemical labs and in case of substance leaks from tanks.


option of activities including various kinds of industrial equipment

simulation of leaks of substances at various heights

varying substance leak intensity

usage of a safe substance in the systems

Industrial systems in containers

Free-standing industrial systems

Liquid leak simulation tank

Portable substance leak station