One component that is necessary in the training of emergency personnel are simulated hazardous conditions similar to reality. In order for training under such conditions to be possible, the training stations are equipped with components that are in place to reflect the circumstances experienced during actual operations as closely as possible. Burning equipment and other components imitating hindrances and obstacles allow the rescue teams to feel as if they were taking part in a real situation.
Thanks to the option of modification of division walls and divisions, some container rooms are adapted for free interior designs by the personnel undergoing training, so that the emergency personnel could define training scenarios themselves.

The realism of training scenarios is achieved by the use of:

training chambers, training paths, moving walls, suitably configured containers,

items and equipment having real-life forms, e. g. a car wreck, room equipment,

fixed, combustible room components (floors, ceiling, walls)

smoke bombs, crackers and smoke generators

combustible room equipment

mannequins and simulated bodies

gaseous substances or other fuels

The arrangement of the garage, storage and social rooms

Development of the training path