The fire chamber is used for the simulation of phenomena that take place within rooms during a fire. It allows the simulation of conditions that emerge during a real fire, however in a controlled manner, safe for those undergoing training.

It allows the observation of phenomena that accompany the burning of combustible materials in the first stage of fire development, observation of fire spread (combustion of gaseous products collecting in the ceiling area), and the move to the flashover phase.

As the fire develops, it encompasses the entire volume of the fire chamber. Our offer includes several fire chamber variants.

The fire chamber can function as a separate training unit, and it can also be a component of multi-module rescue training units.

The chamber allows the observation of the following:

phenomena that occur in course of development of an actual fire

the spread of the flames

the transfer to the flashover phase


training of fire suppression methods

for fires at different flashover stages

training of the most efficient method

of supplying water

learning the rules on how to behave

in difficult situations

honing team work skills

safety and responsibility rules

observation of emergency personnel behaviour

while in a high-temperature zone