The experience collected until now, and the opinions of emergency services on the operation of our training units, provide us with the basis for the design of a new generation of emergency training units based on modular training stations.

Modular training stations are used for the simulation of crisis situations. Thanks to this, firemen and other emergency personnel may hone their skills under safe conditions, and prepare for any sort of actual danger.

Fixed module


Mobile module


The training stations are platforms, thanks to which those undergoing training may use their practical and theoretical skills to take charge in a difficult situation. The equipment fires simulated in the module may be used in existing multi-module emergency training units.

We offer mobile and fixed training units that include many innovative solutions supporting the training process. The utilised simulation methods in the form of flammable, LPG-powered equipment, artificial smoke, as well as the simulation of other details make the entire training session as real as possible.


Development of a new training unit design DNA

Option of implementation of extra equipment in existing training units

High detail simulation precision

Usage of components for altitude training (fixed version)

Option of easy transport of the module to the training site (mobile version)

Fixed modular training unit

The fixed unit is based on a structure utilising 20’ and 40’ marine containers, arranged in the shape of the letter L. The arrangement of rooms making up this module are: garage/ car workshop, storage space, social space. In addition, the module is equipped with an altitude training spot in the form of a gable roof covered with various materials used for roofing, as well as including additional equipment in the form of roof openings, a chimney and a PV system.

The burning garage/ workshop

includes a gate, an entry door and a window. It includes equipment to simulate the fire: inspection pit, gas container, tyres, canisters, a fuel drum and a rectifier. In addition, the garage/ workshop may include an electric/ hybrid vehicle training unit (length 4 m/ 12 ft, width 1.8 m/ 6 ft).

The burning storage room

includes a gate, an entrance door and a window. It includes equipment simulating the fire: a solid fuel burner with combustible materials beside it, a gas boiler, a washing machine, shelves, a fuse box.

The burning social room

includes a gate, a door to be forced, and a window. It includes equipment simulating the fire: simulated beds, a table with chair, a desk with a computer monitor and a cooker.

Mobile modular training unit

The mobile variant is based on a structure using hook containers, arranged in the shape of the letter L. The arrangement of this module includes a garage/ car workshop and a storage space equipped just like the fixed variant. The mobile variant is easily transportable between various locations by a truck equipped with a hook.