The training unit is composed of training modules selected so that the entire training cycle encompasses fundamental skills that are necessary for a fireman, focusing the training on the fighting of internal fires.

The mode of design and connection of the individual modules allows their simple deassembly and reinstallation at a different location or in a different form.

Multi-module rescue training units are training devices made up of marine containers, joined in the form of a multi-storey building. It is possible to freely configure and join the containers together to create various structures.

The unit is self-contained, constitutes a logical, functional space, simulating residential, office or industrial spaces.

The training unit allows the following:


observation of actual fire development


training of proper evacuation procedures


skilful ventilation of the site


proper fighting of internal fires


simulation of the actual fire situation at the sites


implementation of diverse training scenarios


recreation of actual conditions


development of diverse actual emergency situations


field education and training unit

joining of sets with a fire chamber in one- or multi-container units

possibility of free configuration of training units

large space, stable structure

simulation of multi-storey buildings thanks to the option of stacking the modules on top of each other

Providing as much realism in training as possible